Former manager rejoins Oakham United FC

  Posted: 16.05.19 at 07:43 by Stewart Lambie, Oakham United FC joint 1st team manager

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The manager who led Oakham United FC's promotion to the United Counties League for the first time in the club's history is back on the management team.

Wayne Oldaker has returned to the club after a two-and-a-half seasons break to support joint first team managers Stewart Lambie and Michael Nelson and coach Ross Balloch in an advisory role.

Wayne said: "I have to be brutally honest, I had no intention of getting back into football for two reasons.

"Firstly, anyone who has been involved in the game for the majority of their life knows once there’s no football you get used to being able to experience other pastimes, such as the theatre and the Royal Ballet.

"But the main reason is that I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression for a number of years which was why I decided to walk away from football.

"But, having sat down with Stewie and Nels, their enthusiasm is infectious.

"The drive, passion and long-term vision for the club that they both have is similar to mine and Biggsy’s [former Oakham United FC assistant manager Andrew Bailey] blueprint when we took over in the 2013-14 season.

"I thought it was only fair to meet them halfway in a role where I can give them advice and guidance from personal mistakes I made.

"The club facilities and members behind the scenes - from the committee to J-Dogg [Jordan Forbes OUFCTV] - and, not forgetting the OUFC Ultras [supporters] who bang their drum week in week out come rain or shine -deserve to be back in the United Counties League.

"Therefore, taking into account I’ve always felt there is unfinished business at Oakham, my aim is to help them as much as I can (mental health permitting) in achieving their personal/club's ambitions and goals."

Stewart said he and Michael are 'delighted' that Wayne has agreed to return to the club as part of the management team.

"With Wayne and Ross Balloch, who joined us last season as 1st team coach, we believe it will not only improve us as a team, but also help myself and Nelly improve in our careers, as last season was our first as managers.

"Wayne will also help with the coaching and be advisor to me and Nelly as he has a lot of experience in the game."

Wayne was a coach at Blackstones FC and Peterborough Northern Star in the United Counties League before he took over as manager at Oakham United during the 2013-14 season.

He managed an 11th place finish - even although the team had been bottom when he took over.

The following season he guided Oakham United to the Peterborough Premier Division title by eight points and secured promotion to the United Counties League for the first time in the club's history.

He stayed with the club for another season and a half before deciding to take a break.

Photo 1: Wayne Oldaker (left) and Andrew Bailey
Photo 2: Michael Nelson (left) and Stewart Lambie

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