Housing scheme approved on western edge of Uppingham

  Posted: 31.07.20 at 12:46 by The Editor

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Seven homes have received planning permission on the western edge of Uppingham.

The planning application concerns vacant farmland to the north of Leicester Road adjacent to number 68.

The one-acre site forms part of a wider area of potential
residential development land under consideration through a separate application.

Immediately to the north and east, land is subject to an outline application for 163 homes.

To the south-west on the opposite side of Leicester Road is a development of 98 houses currently under construction by Bloors.

The application from Stonesby House Developers Ltd said the proposals represent a small-scale development on a site for which the principle of housing development has previously been established.

"The design of the proposed dwellings uses good quality materials and architectural details complementary to the appearance and character of the area."

"The proposed scheme offers an opportunity to deliver a high-quality and sensitively designed development, which has carefully considered its context and setting."

An officers report said earlier plans for the site were for 11 homes but 'contraints' were found, forcing the number to be reduced to seven.

The small scheme would also account for a development to the rear of the site and the proposed development would be in accordance with the development plan policies.

It would not materially harm the living conditions of neighbouring occupiers and would be acceptable in all other planning considerations, the report added.

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