Coronavirus crisis: Rutland community rallies round to support The Larder Oakham

  Posted: 24.03.20 at 11:20 by The Editor

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The Rutland community has got behind the owners of The Larder Oakham who are cooking and distributing free meals to the elderly, those self-isolating and key workers.

Alyson Kyle and Iain Stares were prepared to foot the bill for the food and deliveries themselves, but launched a JustGiving fundraising page for anyone who wanted to contribute.

And in less than 24 hours, pledged donations have already topped £860 from people keen to support the business' response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Alyson and Iain intend to start delivering the oven-ready and frozen meals themselves on Friday (27 March) - but still urgently need an organisation or charity to take up this side of the service so they can concentrate on cooking.

Alyson told Oakham Nub News: "We have been given some suggestions of organisations that might be able to help and will be investigating those today (Tues).

"But it would be fantastic if someone could get in touch with a solution - the last thing we want is to have a mountain of food and struggle to get it delivered to those who deserve it most.

"We are shocked and delighted by the response to the online fundraising.

"The money raised will be entirely used for purchasing essential supplies to allow the food to be made and if there is any money left, when this all ends, it will be donated to a local charity."

The Larder Oakham has set up a new email address - [email protected] - for any organisation or charity that can help with food deliveries or anyone who wants to request a food drop-off. Alyson can also be contacted on 07980 827189.

The Justgiving page for donations can be found here.

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