New Rutland Water Mini Golf tested: and it is ace!

  Posted: 13.07.19 at 18:48 by Matilda Kelly (aged 10)

As I stepped into the Rutland Water Centre I was so excited, me and my Daddy were going to play the new and improved Mini Golf!

Firstly, we had to choose our coloured ball. I chose a light blue one and my Daddy chose a dark blue one.

We then had to pick our golf club. There were three different sizes - small, medium and large - I used medium and my Daddy used large, then we were ready to play.

I ran through the small, brown fence to get started.

The first obstacle (Hole 1) was The Great Tower, but when I looked at it, it wasn’t exactly massive, but it looked awesome. When I tried to get my ball past it, it was surprisingly hard, but I managed to do it in two putts and so did my Daddy.

The next hole was themed on the Rutland Water water sports, so it had two blue obstacles that looked like water slides. It was DEFINITELY my favourite obstacle by far.

I thought it would be very hard, but it wasn’t actually. I didn’t get a hole-in-one, but I got it through the obstacle in one go then got the ball in the hole with another try.

The next hole was an example of the nature reserve. It had two tunnels where you had to putt the ball into them, or you could hit the ball in the gap so it would go over the hill instead of under.

I tried under and it worked really well. We both hit the ball in the hole in three goes.

After finally completing hole number four in six shots, Hole Five was really cool. It had two birds in it that you had to dodge to get the ball in the hole. I did it in two and so did my Daddy.

There was an amazing hole near the end that was a giant tap. You had to hit the ball up the slope to the drop and then it fell down the tap like it was water! And it especially looked like water because we had water-coloured balls!

Over all, my Daddy won, but as we always say, it’s not about the winning that counts, it’s about the talking part (and the fun)!

I highly recommend this 12-hole Mini Golf course to any families or adults that would like a fun time.

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