Outrage as Oakham pub restaurant re-opens after closing over Covid-19 'hoax'

  Posted: 13.09.20 at 13:19 by The Editor

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An Oakham pub/restaurant closed for a couple of days after falling victim to a malicious prankster.

The Royal Duke Bar and Grill on West Road closed earlier this week after a customer phoned to say they had picked up the virus as previously reported on Nub News.

But the pub then posted on Facebook on Friday: "So unfortunately it’s sad to say but looks like the previous covid 19 stunt was a hoax, I gave the person the benefit of doubt and took there word that they had covid 19.

"As this person has still not sent me confirmation of a positive test I believe it was a hoax! What a awful thing to do to a business, it’s affected jobs and people’s life’s!

"But on a brighter note we did have the whole pub sanitised and we look forward to seeing you all back 😁"

The pub/restaurant re-opened at 2pm Friday.

Customers have reacted angrily to the hoax.

Andrea Dean said: "If this is true, Let's hope the people whose lives that this has disrupted, claims loss of earnings from them, disgusting thing to do worrying so many people for fun."

John Saville said: "That’s shocking. I gather that the same person did other pubs as well using a different name. Hope you have reported them. Surely fraud???"

Jo Simmonds added: "Hope you find out who it is😡 xx"

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