Teenage champion driver urges insurance comparison sites boycott

  Posted: 03.12.19 at 14:07 by The Editor

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A Rutland racing driver and former New College Stamford student is urging teenagers to steer clear of insurance comparison websites.

With many first cars being bought as Christmas presents, 18-year-old Teddy Wilson - a former Cadet Karting Champion who's been racing in the USA's Formula 4 for the last two seasons - is raising awareness that young drivers can often find much cheaper deals by approaching insurance companies directly.

That's because many comparison sites charge insurers commission to highlight their products, and this cost is passed on to the consumer.

Teddy, from South Luffenham, passed his driving test soon after he turned 17 last year and found the most reasonable quote by calling a well known car insurance provider.

There are also companies which specialise in offering insurance to students or younger drivers and these rates aren't always available on comparison sites.

Teddy commented: "I'm passionate about helping young drivers because the high costs mean having your own car is out of reach for some, severely limiting job prospects, and the Pass Plus Test doesn't seem to be having any significant impact on insurance premiums.

"Having a black box telematic system in your car is another option, but any curfew and mileage restrictions are prohibitive, especially for someone who travels for work.

"Approaching car insurers directly is the best route in my experience and discounts are often available if other drivers in your household are with the same company."

Many insurance providers also offer lower premiums to under 25s who are named drivers on a parent's car, and they can then build up a no claims discount to eventually transfer to their own policy.

Teddy cannot be a named driver and is unable to install a black box to help lower his premiums because of the mileage he clocks up while driving to race tracks.

He came eighth in this year's F4 US Championship, despite completing only eight of the 17 races due to budget restrictions, and was shortlisted for the Aston Martin Autosport BRDC Young Driver of the Year 2019.

Teddy is seeking corporate partners to join his racing journey from 2020 and beyond. For more information click on the red button below.

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