Centrebus 113 service terminated - but other services cover same route

  Posted: 03.12.19 at 09:30 by The Editor

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The Centrebus 113 service used by residents in Langham and Barleythorpe to travel between Oakham and Melton Mowbray has been terminated by Leicestershire County Council.

But Rutland County Council reassuring residents that they can still travel between the two towns on the Centrebus 29 and Rutland Flyer 1 services.

The change, which comes into effect on Saturday, 21 December, follows a review by Leicestershire County Council into its contracted services across Leicestershire some of which, including the Centrebus 113, cross over into other counties.

The Centrebus 29 and Rutland Flyer 1, supported by Rutland County Council, provide regular transport options between Oakham and Melton Mowbray and are unaffected by Leicestershire County Council’s review.

Chris Trail, Rutland County Council Director of Places, comments: “Rutland has previously benefitted from the Leicestershire County Council funded 113 service, but is now in the unfortunate position that they are to cease the service as part of their review into passenger transport.

“As the majority of the 113’s route is through Leicestershire there is no opportunity to continue the service within Rutland solely.

"But access to these routes is still available through the Centrebus 29 and the Rutland Flyer 1 services instead.”

The Centrebus 29 service travels between Essendine and Brooksby College, stopping at Ryhall, Stamford, Greetham, Oakham, Langham, Oakham Enterprise Park and Whssendine.

The service is available Monday to Fridayn full service information is available at https://www.centrebus.info/bus-services/rutland/29/

The Rutland Flyer 1 service travels between Melton Mowbray and Corby, via Whissendine, Oakham Enterprise Park, Langham, Oakham, Manton, Wing, Preston, Uppingham, Lyddington and Caldecott.

A regular service is available Monday to Friday, with a slightly modified service available on Saturdays. For a full timetable and list of stops visit https://www.centrebus.info/bus-services/rutland/rf1/.

To find out more about local bus services click on the red button below.

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