Coronavirus Crisis: Rutland MP Alicia Kearns speaks out against 'self-isolation holidays, backing government move forcing people to stay in their homes

  Posted: 23.03.20 at 21:27 by The Editor

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Rutland MP Alicia Kearns has attacked the idea of people coming to Rutland for 'self-isolation holidays.’

The MP spoke in the House this evening as Prime Minister Boris Johnson took to television in a national address urging people to stay at home “at this time of national emergency” to save lives and the NHS.

Ms Kearns said: “The issue of Brits seeking to isolate in remoter parts of the country is a big issue in Rutland.

“Over the weekend, I went around the constituency, and I saw pile after pile of cars. I saw caravan parks open and hotels advertising self-isolation holidays and breaks in my constituency.

“Can the Secretary of State confirm, for the benefit of all in the House, that the current guidance is that people should stay in their own homes and not travel for self-isolation holidays or anything of the sort?”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock replied: “I agree with my hon. Friend.”

Afterwards, the Rutland MP said on twitter: ”It’s not acceptable for people to be travelling to Rutland when they’re meant to be self-isolating or social distancing. This is a pandemic, not an early holiday opportunity. The government’s advice is clear- stay in your homes.”

Ms Kearns also repeated the government’s measures, which come into force overnight.

“PM has announced we must all now Stay Home to Save Lives for 3 weeks. You may only leave home to: - shop for food (infrequently) - one form of exercise a day (alone / household) - medical reasons - help a vulnerable person - travelling to /from work if absolutely necessary

“No gathering publicly in groups of more than two except for families You shouldn’t be meeting friends / family members. Use food delivery services. Play parks will be closed Police will enforce this through fines & dispersal orders. Closing all shops selling non-vital items.”

Rutland County Council is putting plans in place to support new government guidance around “shielding” for people who are at significantly higher ...