Rutland County Council offering parents free cloth nappy trial kits

  Posted: 09.08.19 at 11:46 by The Editor

Parents are being asked to try cloth nappies for their babies as an environmentally friendlier alternative to disposable ones.

Rutland County Council is spearheading the local initiative and offering the opportunity to trial real nappy kits free of charge.

The reusable kits, containing a range of types and styles of nappy along with all the required accessories, can be borrowed from the council for a two-week trial period.

According to research, reusable nappies can be significantly cheaper than disposable alternatives.

While the initial outlay for a kit is around £200, it is estimated that reusable nappies can save a family up to £500 per child and up to £1,200 if used for a second child.

The use of reusable nappies also has a positive environmental impact, reducing the amount of waste that goes in black bins.

Councillor Gordon Brown, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, says: “Our real nappy starter kits are a great chance to try out reusable nappies without having to spend a penny.

"The kits are potentially very cost-effective and, because they’re reusable, much better for the environment.

"If you’re a parent and interested in borrowing a kit, please get in touch with us now.”

Following recent issues with waste contamination, the council is also reminding residents not to put used disposable nappies in their recycling bins.

Cllr Brown adds: “We’d also like to urge residents to take care with how they dispose of single-use nappies.

"Please remember to always bag nappies and put them into your black bin.

"Putting used nappies in the recycling bin not only causes contamination to otherwise recyclable waste but is very unpleasant and unhygienic for the team of workers who then have to pull them out by hand.”

Anyone who would like to borrow a real nappy kit can contact the council by emailing [email protected]

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