Rutland loves a good murder!

  Posted: 30.07.20 at 10:03 by The Editor

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There's nothing like a good murder to warm the hearts of Rutlanders.

Since best-selling author Adam Croft announced his new series of crime fiction was to be set in the county, the residents of England's smallest county have been abuzz with excitement.

Perhaps in this relatively low crime county to make up for the lack of murders in their real lives!

When the book was launched in Oakham on Tuesday, Adam and wife Jo were warmly greeted by fans at Walkers Bookstore and other venues.

As previously reported by Nub News, What Lies Beneath is the first in a series of crime thrillers set in Rutland by the acclaimed author.

Adam told Nub News: "The reponse was very good. We have been rushed off our feet. Walkers in Oakham was very, very busy. They have had to be re-stocked three times over.

"Lots of other places have been restocking. We had to get another print run this Friday. But hopefully we will have enough in stock until then."

Already the second book in the series set in Rutland is underway, with it due for release on September 29.

Adding to the local authenticity, Oakham policeman Joe Lloyd has been promised a 'cameo role.'

Adam said: "It opens with a train leaving Oakham station heading to Stamford. It gets to Manton Tunnel and there is a body hanging at the entrance. At first it appears to be suicide but there is a second body a few days later. It is discovered the two people knew each other.

"The book then focuses on the police investigation and others in the group of friends. They know that one of them is the murderer and one is also the next to die."

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