Rutland MP Alicia Kearns launches campaign against lone births

  Posted: 13.09.20 at 12:58 by The Editor

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Rutland MP Alicia Kearns has launched a campaign to make sure no woman goes through pregnancy scans or labour without a partner or close family member.

Mrs Kearns says NHS Trusts have had the go-ahead for months now, and yet "too many families still being traumatised across the country."

The move, backed by the Mail on Sunday, reports how many mums are having to give birth without their partners due to 'draconian' Covid-19 rules.

It also follows Mrs Kearns announcing her own pregnancy last month, which she says has led to the campaign, based on her own experiences.

She told the newspaper: "It is utterly heartbreaking’ that not all women are allowed the same. I can’t imagine having to go through birth without my partner.

"Trusts had the ability to change these rules when we came out of national lockdown, but didn’t".

Last week, the Government published guidelines on how hospitals can allow partners to attend labour and key appointments such as scans.

Maternity Minister Nadine Dorries told the Mail on Sunday: "Partners have a vital role to provide emotional support.’

She added it has been "painful to hear stories of women facing difficult moments and conversations alone".

Mrs Kearns has received backing from 60 MPs who signed her letter.

Others also voiced their support on social media.

Lynn Pearson told the MP on Facebook: "Good luck with your campaign. We are awaiting the birth of our grandchild and my son has had to miss out on the scans etc. He should be there to support his wife during labour and not thrown out after the birth."

Susan Colemen said: "Thank you for standing up for women’s rights . Women have suffered disproportionately through covid."

But Hazel Watson commented: "Just 60 colleagues?
That is actually disgusting 😩"

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