Face to a name...Oakham Mayor and Mayoress

  Posted: 04.07.19 at 14:50 by Dave and Di, Mayor and Mayoress of Oakham

Mayor and Mayoress? Us? Oh yes that’s right it IS US!

Wow haven’t quite got used to that yet.

Dave has now been Chairman of Oakham Town Council and Mayor for just over a month so we thought it was about time we introduced ourselves properly to you.

But first, we have a favour to ask.

Our main challenge in this role is to promote Oakham. Promote local businesses and support the organisations and people of the town.

To help make Oakham and surrounding villages grow and prosper.

But we can only support and promote events and people if we know about the events in the first place.

So that’s where you all come in. Let us know if we can be of any help by attending an event - presenting prizes, showing support, publicising etc. If we are available we will do our very best to attend so please do get in touch.

During our year in office we also have a chance to support a local charity and have chosen Sunflowers, a small local charity that works out of Oakham CofE Primary School every Thursday morning during term time.

They offer support to families, who have a child aged 0-5 with additional needs. Support is also given to siblings and, of course, to parents/carers.

Having met some individuals recently who attend and have used the services on offer, let me just say – they are a life-line to families.

We will be holding different events and fund raising ideas throughout the year.

I know that Sunflowers would dearly love to gain some more volunteers to help at the sessions so if you feel you could spare just one hour on a Thursday morning, 10.15 to 11.15 - even once a month - please get in touch with Sarah Vendyback on 07837 649059 . Thank you.

Now for a little bit about Dave and me.

Let's start with Dave - or David when I'm cross - who has been a part of local government for over 22 years and was born and bred in Sleaford.

Politics has played a big part in his life from being young as his father was Mayor of Sleaford twice, and a big influence on Dave.

Whilst living and working in Sleaford, Dave served on North Kesteven District Council, Lincolnshire County Council and Sleaford Town Council, where he was elected town Mayor. So he has been round the block a bit!

I, on the other hand, know nothing of the way of local politics, but I'm learning now….

I'm a Kent girl who has been living in Rutland/Oakham for over 20 years, and loving it!

I have worked locally including at Age Concern, Furleys and Lands End and have been a sole trader offering to 'Lend A Hand' with day-to-day living.

Dave and I have three grown-up children, a grandson, and a granddaughter born just a few weeks ago.

Completing our family is our nine-year-old Cocker Spaniel Charlie - with bones held together with screws and bolts - so he runs about now like a puppy. Wouldn’t mind doing the same myself!

As a couple, our interests are very similar. The main one being Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Maybe not an obvious choice for a local Mayor? But we've been members of the local chapter for just over nine years and love every minute of it.

We love exploring the local area on our Harley and also use it in Europe every year to mostly explore northern France. Both of us are keen to learn about the First and Second World Wars and visit the trenches, memorials and cemeteries, to pay our respect to the fallen.

But back to Dave. He was co-opted onto Oakham Town Council when a serving councillor learnt of his past experience. He served a year and was then elected as Deputy and then Chairman and Mayor this May.

I do think when you have experience and knowledge in something, it seems such a waste when that skill isn’t in use, so I was keen for him to take up local government again.

That's pretty much us...hopefully, you havn't fallen asleep!

Don’t forget we'd be delighted to support you in whatever way we can so please do to get in touch either via Alison, at Oakham Town Office on 01572 723627, or direct by emailing David at [email protected] or calling 07949 178195.

Thanks for reading!

Love Dave & Di – Mayor and Mayoress of Oakham

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