Howzat! Will cricket plan score with Rutland planners?

  Posted: 01.07.20 at 07:07 by The Editor

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A cricket coach is seeking to expand his services by offering net facilities in a converted barn.

Former Leicestershire County cricketer Thomas Flowers of Great Easton, Leicestershire, has submitted a planning application to Rutland County Council concerning Fairchild Lodge, Lyddington Road, Caldecott.

Mr Flowers, who has run a cricket coaching business since 2015, said in his application: "The proposed development is to insert two removable cricket net facilities (Mats & Netting) and additional indoor lighting sources to the agricultural barn so that it can be used for cricket practice/leisure in the off season.

"This will provide local cricket clubs and individuals a cost effective and fit for purpose cricket facility which is much needed in the area given the large number of cricketers and clubs in Leicestershire and Rutland.

"As these nets are removable the barn will still be able to serve its agricultural purposes when required."

He further confirmed to the council: "The intention is to have retractable nets and flooring so the building can be used for six months at a time - still dual purpose."

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